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Listen to Mary Sue Slagle lie through her teeth about her little Gary's whereabouts when he was actually in jail!
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Mommy sold her house just in time to bail out your crooked ass, huh Gary?
Maryland Judiciary Case Search Listing (includes new Violation Of Probation)
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Federal Tax Lien ($1,729,753.26!)
*NEW* Maryland Tax Lien ($493,204.46!, follow Case Search link below) *NEW*
Felony tax evasion charges are just a matter of time, Gary and Christy!

A Warning to Homeowners from the Victims of Gary Slagle

Urgent update: Gary Slagle has reincarnated himself yet again! He is now operating as a home improvement contractor in Delaware and Pennsylvania under TriPoint Restoraton, Inc. (DE# 2020706536, HIC# PA158835, 302-598-4713) and Grand Slam Restoration, Inc. (DE# 2022700644, HIC# PA171400, 443-350-5037). Gary Slagle will avoid giving you his full name because he knows this site is #1 when you Google it!

Please help us warn homeowners in Cecil County, MD and the neighboring counties in Delaware and Pennsylvania about Gary Slagle by sending all of your contacts a link to this site (http://GarySlagle.com) and asking them to do the same. Better yet, post the link to your Facebook page along with a quick message asking all of your Friends to share it. The Nextdoor app is also a great way to spread the word. Together we can stop this hack, liar, crook and sociopath!

Thank you from the many homeowner, subcontractor and material supplier victims of Gary Slagle.

Gary Michael Slagle, II, wife Christy Marie LaManna Slagle and their McMansion. Update: finally foreclosed upon and evicted with $232,251.83 in mortgage arrears. Now renting a slightly smaller McMansion for $2,700 a month. Update update: evicted again with $19,470 in back due rent (follow Case Search link below). Now renting a slightly larger McMansion for $4,800 a month at 5704 West Central Park Drive, Middletown, DE 19709. While we are struggling with half-built houses, liens, lawyers and worse, they are living in style. And they have three kids in private school! Mary Sue (who foolishly cosigned their first lease and was forced to come out of retirement) must be so proud of you and your honest hardworking father must be turning in his grave. Enjoy it while you can, Gary, because you'll be moving from A big house to THE big house soon!

Rather than get into a lengthy but completely justified rant about how Gary Slagle victimized so many people so much (think six digits each!), we will summarize the extensive public record on the matter and direct you to it.

We ask that you examine the public record and consider whether Gary Slagle is the kind of person you want anything to do with.

There are four homeowner victims of Gary Slagle. All received much less than they paid for, two received nothing at all. The most egregious case is that of an 82 year old widow. Gary Slagle gladly accepted $150,000 of her life savings towards building a house she could leave to her family. The problem is that Gary Slagle never paid any of the subcontractors or material suppliers he hired to do the work. With the house about one third complete, they walked off the job. Liens soon followed. Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly not long thereafter without being able to leave anything.

Above, the 82 year old widow's half-built house as it stands (barely) today. It was even less complete when abandoned by Gary Slagle. The interior is nothing but rough framing. Gary Slagle will tell you she simply ran out of money. That is true in a perverse way. Gary Slagle disappeared with the first third of her money. The next third went to lawyers and settling liens for work she already paid for. The last third went into a much smaller place to live, and die.

Gary Slagle was paid the full contract price for the construction of this second house. He abandoned the project after 15 months when the contract called for it to be finished in 6 to 9 months, still grossly incomplete and with major quality problems. The six sample photos are typical of the condition of the entire house at the time. This homeowner victim of Gary Slagle has a civil judgment against him for $179,000 from the Cecil County Circuit Court, with not one cent collected. That and more is what it will take to rebuild and complete the house!

Gary Slagle spent a day in jail for failure to appear at a hearing about where all of the money we paid him to build our houses went. Get used to it, Gary! It wasn't to pay subcontractors and material suppliers. But Gary Slagle did take three (3!) vacations while he was sort of building our houses, including a week at a Sandals Resort in the Caribbean with his entire family. Yes, we paid for all five of them to the tune of more than $10,000! We have Gary Slagle's financial records provided to us under court order to prove it and much more.

All of this happened while Gary Slagle was the owner and operator of Generation Contracting, Inc. Prior to that he was part of Gary Slagle General Contractor, Inc. (DBA Slagle Custom Homes), also failed, bankrupt and defunct. Gary Slagle has since reincarated himself again under Grand Slam Improvements, LLC (already being sued!). However, the new company and contractor license (MHIC# 109288) are under Christy Slagle's name because Gary Slagle cannot hold a Maryland license until he reimburses the Guaranty Fund the $200,000 they paid to his four homeowner victims (see below). Furthermore, Christy Slagle is doing all she can to shield Gary Slagle from his many legitimate homeowner and business creditors. Everything is magically in her name now and somehow she gets paid for his work. Christy Slagle is up to her neck in Gary Slagle's filth! That is why she is featured on this site right behind him.

Update: Gary Slagle has reincarnated himself yet again! He is now operating as a home improvement contractor in Pennsylvania and Delaware under Grand Slam Restoration, Inc. (HIC# PA171400, DE# 2022700644, 443-350-5037) and TriPoint Restoraton, Inc. (HIC# PA158835, DE# 2020706536, 302-598-4713). Gary Slagle will avoid giving you his full name because he knows this site is #1 when you Google it!

See the whole miserable story for yourself at Maryland Judiciary Case Search. You will be shocked!

We all were foolish enough to give Gary Slagle a second chance. Does he deserve a third chance from you?

All builders pay into the Maryland Home Builder Guaranty Fund as a condition of their license. The Fund compensates homeowners for actual losses up to $50,000 caused by builders who fail to meet their contractual obligations. After a two year long investigation, the Consumer Protection Divsion of the Attorney General's Office, which administers the Fund, compensated each of Gary Slagle's four homeowner victims the full $50,000. That is the one bright spot in this whole miserable experience, but it is a case of too little too late.

The Maryland Custom Home Protection Act, especially paragraph 10-507(b), was enacted specifically to protect homeowners from the likes of Gary Slagle. It requires that home builders keep in escrow almost all payments received from their clients. Use of a client's money for anything other than the benefit of that client is a felony, punishable by up to fifteen years in prison for each count. It's later than you think, Gary! In an ironic twist, it was Gary Slagle who told us about the Act and the Guaranty Fund. As a licensed builder, he was required to hand each of us a booklet from the Consumer Protection Division which explains both. Obviously Gary Slagle never bothered to read it!

Gary Slagle and Christy Slagle have mastered the art of abusing the bankruptcy system for the purpose of evading their many legitimate creditors. That is how they have managed to continue to live in their McMansion without paying their mortgage since March 27, 2015! M&T Bank, their mortgage holder, is even paying their property tax and insurance to protect its investment. Here's all the proof. Eventually the Bankruptcy Court figures out it is all bullshit and dismisses their case. But no problem, one or the other then simply finds a new sleazy lawyer and files bankruptcy again, typically the day before their McMansion is scheduled to hit the auction block. This has happened five times so far. There is something very wrong with the system!

Remember all of his clients' money that Gary Slagle used to build his lifestyle instead of their houses? Well, that's taxable income and apparently he and Christy Slagle did not declare it or much else for years. Presumably that is why the IRS is after them for well over $1,000,000 each in back Federal income taxes, interest and penalty. They got Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes and that guy from Survivor on tax evasion charges, and they'll get the two of you!

It's all on PACER.gov for the world to see. Note that PACER.gov requires you to create an account (free for personal use) in order to view the documents. Copies of the more important documents are linked to below if you would rather not do all that. You will be offended and disgusted!

Bankruptcy Filings, Gary Slagle (2 since 2016!)
Bankruptcy Filings, Christy Slagle (3 since 2016!)
Claims Summary, Gary Slagle ($2,237,141.35!)
Claims Summary, Christy Slagle ($3,218,826.12!)
M&T Bank Mortgage Proof of Claim ($1,040,483.13!, see yellow highlights)
IRS Proof of Claim, Gary Slagle ($1,042,516.75!, see page 4)
IRS Proof of Claim, Christy Slagle ($1,590,641.52!, see page 4)
What the Bankruptcy Trustee Thinks of the Slagles

Thank you for doing what you can to prevent Gary Slagle from victimizing any more homeowners. Stay tuned to this site for new developments as they occur.

Gary Snakele has threatened to sue us for libel or slander or some such nonsense over this site. Go ahead, we dare you! Then you will actually have to show up in court for a change, where you will quickly find out that the truth and the First Amendment make an absolute defense. The best part is we will get the kind of publicity we can only dream of now, and an even more extensive public record that we can and will reference here. So sue us, we triple dog dare you! We won't even countersue you because we have enough of your Monopoly money as it is. That means we have all kinds of credit for damages with you. By the way, Gary, there ain't no such word as "envisualizing". But we are envisualizing you in prison where you belong!16062024

A preview of the billboard soon to appear on Route 40 in Elkton, MD!

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